Event Sponsorship Request Form

If you would like X-Pole to Sponsor your event, please fill out the sponsorship request form below to be considered.

Please note that we do require 3 months advanced notice for event sponsorship.

Event Sponsorship Request Form

  • If Event is in less than 90 days, please e-mail info@xpoleus.com explaining why.
  • Must be exact for X-Pole to provide poles. X-Pole will not be responsible for any incorrect measurements.
  • X-Pole Event Sponsorship Requirement: X-Pole looks forward to working with the pole industry to sponsor important events. To be considered for X-Pole to sponsor your event, we require pole category exclusivity. This means X-Pole is the only pole manufacturer aligned in any way with your event.

    X-Pole as an exclusive pole manufacturer includes: Your event does not receive sponsor revenue from another pole manufacturer; no competing pole manufacturer signage at the event or on your website, no promotional signage; no cross marketing on social media; no competitive giveaways; no promotional videos; etc.

  • Prior to submitting an application for sponsorship, please be aware that X-Pole US requires event organizers to provide evidence of comprehensive public liability insurance for an event and its operations. Such insurance must name X-Pole as an additional named insured. Such insurance must conform to industry standards for pole and aerial event and be issued by a carrier and with limits acceptable to X Pole US. If you do not have insurance, please obtain such insurance before submitting your application for sponsorship. X-Pole US is aware that at least one company, Insurance for Pole Dancers, offers coverage of the type acceptable to X-Pole US. You can contact them through: http://insurance4poledancers.com/i4pd/. You may contact Marc Culp to obtain proper insurance at: markculp87@gmail.com, or by calling (630) 853-7970. This information is provided for information purposes and there is no obligation to obtain insurance from such company. Further, this is not an endorsement of insurance policies offered by such company.
  • Your policy must list X-Pole US as your additional insured or loss payee.