Amy Guion

Name: Amy Guion
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Amy Guion moved out to LA in 2005 to attend Loyola Marymount University where she completed a pre-physical therapy program. While in college, Amy took her first pole dance class with Leigh Ann Orsi of BeSpun for her birthday in April 2007. Since then, she has become the manager of and an instructor at BeSpun, competed in several national and international competitions, and has recently performed for Zen Arts and Gravity First Second Edition. She also does dancewear modeling for Kelly Maglia Couture and TripleThreat Dancewear and is an X-Pole girl. Amy recently became a USPDF Pro by placing 2nd in the USPDF Amateur national competition and is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor and a trainer for the X-Pert training program.

In 2010, Amy created the video series Fitness Training for Pole Dancers because she has seen how increasing her flexibility has helped her pole dancing and allowed her to execute more moves and create beautiful lines on the pole. Becoming more flexible than Amy ever thought possible has been a huge confidence booster and she is looking forward to exploring what other crazy things her body can achieve!

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