Erika Gonzalez Del Pliego

Name: Erika Gonzalez Del Pliego
Titles Won:

  • Campeonato Nacional Pole Sports 2015; 1st place – Elite
  • World Pole Sports Championships IPSF 2014 – Elite.
  • Campeonato Nacional Pole Sports 2014; 2nd place – Elite
  • Competencia Nacional Puerto Vallarta 2013: 2nd Place- Profesional
  • Pole Panamerican Championship 2013; 1st Place – Amateur
  • World Cup Brasil 2012; 2nd place – Amateur

Erika has been involved with sports since she was 8 years old and developed a love for competitions. She practiced ice-skating from age 8 to 17, and competed at a national and international level. Becoming an ice skating coach at age 20, Erika trained and coached skaters for competitions. In 2007 she graduated with a marketing degree from Anahuac University, and stayed involved with sports as an ice skating coach. She discovered pole fitness in 2011 at Gravity Studio and fell in love.


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