Estee Zakar

Name: Estee Zakar
Location: Denver, CO
Titles Won:

  • 2010 USPDF Ms. Trixster, Silver Medal

Estee is a competitive professional pole dance champion who placed 2nd in the 2010 National USPDF Competition and awarded the last title of Miss Trixter and was a 2011 USPDF finalist! She is proud to be sponsored by X-Pole, Mighty Grip and Bad Kitty Apparel. Estee is also a master pole fitness instructor who teaches workshops of all levels and performs internationally.

As a child, Estee loved gymnastics and dance. In college, she performed on the university dance team. Her love for pole dancing developed when she found that she was able to combine the strength from gymnastics with the expression of dance. She believes that pole dancing is not only one of the best and most creative forms of fitness- it is art.

Estee is the first X-Pole girl, fitness model and representative for X-POLE USA & X-POLE Mexico. She enjoys traveling and promoting the fine X-POLE products which have gained international attention and appeal. She is proud to be shown on their official pamphlets and promotion material.

Estee is one of the brand directors and creative partners behind the first pole fitness apparel line, “Pole Fit by Bad Kitty”, which is fitness apparel designed specifically for pole dancers. She has teamed up with Bad Kitty, Karol Helms and Mina Mortezaie, to contribute her creativity and style to develop one of the fastest growing international pole fit apparel brands. She is featured as one of the Bad Kitty models in their ads and posters.

Mighty Grip was the first hand-grip aid to premier in the pole fitness community and it is no surprise that Mighty Grip wanted Estee on their Mighty Grip team. Mighty Grip is the largest hand-grip aid sponsor in pole fitness competitions and promotions. They have expanded to include pole fit gear to assist athletes with a growing variety of their practice and performance needs.

Estee has helped bring these pole companies together and is an active member of many national pole organizations. She is a representative of the PFA (Pole Dance Federation Association) as well as for International Pole Dance Magazine. She has been featured in numerous pole magazines such as Pole 2 Pole magazine, International Pole Dance, and Deep magazine.

Estee just graduated with her Master’s Degree in Social Work at the University of Denver with a certificate in Animal- Assisted Therapy. She works with high risk youth, children with special needs and participates in training service and therapy dogs from animal rescue organizations. Estee hopes to use pole dance fitness as a way to empower women and men of all shapes and sizes to reach their full potential and to help them feel confident, strong and sexy!

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