Leigh Ann Reilly

Name: Leigh Ann Reilly
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Leigh Ann is a Southern California native who grew up on the stages of Hollywood as a child actress. “I have always been an athlete. I’ve competed in springboard diving, track, and kickboxing. I bring my background in entertainment, acrobatics, and martial arts to the pole room.” She started pole dancing at 19 and opened, BeSpun the top professional pole dancing school in the country, at 25. Leigh Ann has trained some of the most notable names in pole dancing today including Alethea Austin, Estee Zakar, Josiah “Bad Azz” Grant, Allison Cox and Lian Tal. In 2007 Leigh Ann produced a series of Pole Dancing instructional DVDs staring Leigh Ann Orsi, Alethea Austin and Amy Guion to allow pole dancers everywhere to train in the BeSpun signature style. In 2009 she married former professional fighter Chris Reilly and combined their unique schools to create this one of a kind 30,000 sq ft facility. Leigh Ann competed at USPDF Nationals 2010 and placed second at the first West Coast regional finals. To see more of Leigh Ann pole dancing check out

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