Steven Retchless

Name: Steven Retchless
Location: New York, NY

The first ever 2010 American Pole Fitness Champion and Semi-Finalist in 2011′s America’s Got Talent. His performances are greeted by standing ovations and said to be “Magnificent” by talent show host Sharon Osbourne. This self-proclaimed “pole-fessional” has also received champion titles Internationally as 1st runner up in Finland’s Pole Art 2011. Online his YouTube videos have been posted on celebrity blogs such as, Yahoo News, and with viral view counts from all over the world. Steven is an Instructor at the #1 Pole Studio in New York City, Body and Pole. As an entertainer, Steven was appropriately born in Las Vegas, Nevada but was quickly transplanted to exotic Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where he spent most of his childhood. He credits his sensual move mentality to his Latin upbringing. Returning to The States he was an honored student of the “Las Vegas Academy of the performing Arts” studying dance during his high school years, he was subsequently accepted as a student at the “California Institute of Performing Arts” in Los Angeles, California studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art majoring in Dance. Steven has a respected amount of training in ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, and pole fitness. His style fuses the lightness of the air with the power of being rooted to the ground. He has a flare that is exposed through the sensual fluidity of his movements. Whether dancing in the sky or twirling on the floor, Steven “Princeton” Retchless has an extraordinary talent for Dance.

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