Pole profile

Tara Meyer

ara loved to perform, spin, and jump from a very young age. She doesn’t remember a time where movement wasn’t a part of my life.

She received her first gold medal at age 5, competing in figure skating, from that moment on, she fell in love with performing and wanted to learn, new movements, whenever she had the chance.
She began taking a jazz and lyrical dance class because of the pretty costumes they got to wear at festivals. She practiced every spare minute she could (when she wasn’t at dance class, she would dance in her room until she had to go to bed). She even pushed her bed against the wall so that she could sleep with her legs in a straddle split resting against the wall, to become more flexible. At the young age of 12, she decided to quit skating and devoted herself to dance.

She was accepted into L’École supérieure de ballet du Québec, (an elite ballet school in Montreal) and by the age of 16, she was dancing in Europe at the Princess Grace Academy; Ecole de Danse Classique de Monte-Carlo. Her passion became her professional career; leading to many awards, scholarships and named: “Canadian Female Dancer of the Year”. This title lead to Princess Cruises offering her a position, as a feature dancer, where she worked for five years, dancing all over the world. During this time, she was trained to perform on the Spanish Web and Aerial Silks, which started her interest in aerial arts.

Within a year of returning to Canada, she discovered pole fitness when she watched a workshop conducted by World Champion, Jenyne Butterfly. After two months of intense training, she entered the Canadian Pole Dance 2011 competition, and was extremely happy with her final results. By 2014, she was representing Canada in the IPSF World Pole Sports Championships. She had been blessed with competing in many competitions in Canada, the US and internationally and continued to push herself and strive to be the best she can be.

She is delighted to be a sponsored X-POLE Athlete, an XPERT Pole & Aerial Instructor, clothing ambassador for Artista Apparel and the proud owner of VogueFit studio.


Pole Titles Won:
2017 PWN, Female Performance Artist of the Year -“Best Female Performer”
2017 PWN, Most Photogenic – “Picture Perfect”
2016 PCS, Champion
2015 IPSF, Pole Sports Industry Award: Athlete Runner Up of the year
2015 PCS, 1st Runner up
2015 U.S Aerial Championships, 1st Runner up
2014 CPFA, Champion & Best Tricks Award
2014 NAPDC, Champion & People’s Choice Award
2014 Paragon International Amateur Pole Dance Championships, Champion
2013 CPFA, 1st Runner up Pro
2012 CPFA, 1st Place Semi Pro
2012 Miss Pole Winnipeg, Champion & People’s Choice Award
2011 Miss Pole Dance Canada, 1st Place Amateur & People’s Choice Award