Become A Dealer

Thank you for your interest in becoming our partner. As an authorized X-Pole Dealer, you simply sell the X-Pole/X-Stage to your client and collect their money at retail price. Then you would pay us at your wholesale price and the difference is all your profit!! We don’t require you to hold stock so there is absolutely NO RISK since you don’t place an order with us until you have received an order.

Benefits for our X-Pole Dealers include:

  • 20% profit on all X-Poles/X-Stages you sell to your clients
  • Access to the X-Pole Dealer resources including pricing spreadsheets, technical support, and marketing tools
  • Dedicated team to help you maximize your sales

It’s free to become an authorized X-Pole Dealer and setting up your qualified business is very quick and easy. Just click on the Join button below and fill out the application form. Once your business is reviewed and approved, you will have access to the full range of X-Pole Dealer resources. As soon as you place your first order you become an official X-Pole Dealer!

Please fill out the below registration application completely and we will contact you shortly with further details. EMAIL ADDRESS MUST BE VALID TO COMPLETE REGISTRATION.


X-Pole Dealer