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Mighty Grip: OG Tack Short Kneepads

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Mighty Grip’s OG Tack Short Knee pads (BLACK)
Perfect for Dance & Aerial Arts

Original Tack material for added grip protection

Assistive and protective support for training

Firm support and injury prevention

* Tack material is black
* Includes Left and Right knee pad

Care Instructions:
Mighty Grip products are to be washed in cold, light wash, air dry.
Please do not put them in the dryer.

If it doesn’t have a Mighty Grip tag it’s not authentic!
US Patent 8973162


X-SML, SML, MED, LRG, X-L, 2 X-L, 3 X-L, 4 X-L, 5 X-L, 6 X-L, 7 X-L