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Rock Exotica Stainless Carabiner

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Extreme lightweight stainless steel carabiner with high breaking strength, keylock and large gate opening. Rock Exotica has refined the carabiner far beyond the offerings of other manufacturers. These carabiners offer features you cannot get anywhere else: Highest inward gate/sleeve strength to reduce risk of something levering against the sleeve and breaking it open. Best Autolocks – they use a pull-down & twist sleeve which is intuitive & easy to use. Once people try it they never go back. Widest gate opening – we use a slightly angled gate opening that is ergonomic & opens farther. USA – All manufacturing is done at their factory in Utah

Weight: 7.81 oz (221 g) Breaking Strength Major axis: 41 kN Minor axis: 17 kN Open gate: 13 kN Inward against sleeve: 9 kN Gate opening: 1.0” (25.4 mm) Certifications: Pending CE