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X-Pole, The Worldwide Leader in Pole and Aerial Fitness, is the #1 Manufacturer of Professional Dance Poles, the #1 in Customer Service, and the Official Pole of Pole Fitness.  

Get fit with a fun pole dance workout using X-Pole's top-of-the-line pole dance and fitness equipment! All X-Pole products feature the most advanced engineering in the world of pole fitness and have been developed in consultation with leading dancers and fitness instructors to meet the demands of pole dance professionals.

X-Pole has a wide range of options including the removable dance pole and fully portable dance pole (X-Pole Sport and X-Pert), permanent dance poles for your studios (Build-A-Pole), the free standing dance pole (X-Stage), and more.   All X-Pole products are quick and easy to install.  Whether a beginner, intermediate or professional, X-Pole has a pole product to suit you.

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Business Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST. 

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