WA State Strippers Are Organizing for Better Workplaces

News | Published on April 11th, 2024 by kash

Strippers are Workers (SAW) is a dancer-led organization that fights to raise Washington strip club industry standards and create a dancer focused community. WA dancers are facing a predatory business model that strips workers of rights and fair pay, and dancers deserve to work equitably, safely, and sustainably.

After successfully passing basic industry safety and security measures in a 2019 bill HB 1756, SAW is now introducing their Strippers’ Bill of Rights bill in the 2024 legislative session. Through building consensus with hundreds of dancers across the state, they developed a policy that will make massive changes to their industry and establish basic workers’ rights and protections. 

The 2024 bill includes minimum club security staffing, decriminalizing a dancers’ standard night of work, mandatory club employee training, anti-discrimination protections, and a cap on what fees clubs can charge dancers while also eliminating the practice of indebting dancers to clubs. The bill will also end the alcohol prohibition in WA strip clubs, which means that dancers won’t be clubs’ only source of profit, and the increased funds will go towards better protections for dancers. 

The strip club industry is already an industry that lacks workers’ rights, and WA is a notoriously difficult and slow place to dance. SAW’s bill will create a sustainable business model for clubs, generate a healthier customer base, and revolutionize dancer rights!

To support its organizing efforts, SAW throws Pole Showcase Fundraisers to raise community awareness, get dancers paid, and fund its organizational needs. With the support of X-Pole and their donation of a X-Stage Lite, these fundraisers were made possible- leading to raising thousands of dollars for the org., thousands more in tips for dancers, and the spread of community support for dancers’ rights.

SAW needs continued support to pass its Strippers’ Bill of Rights in January 2024. Click here to purchase tickets for the next Seattle fundraiser on November 29th. Visit strippersareworkers.org to learn more about their organizing and how to support WA dancers!


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