Studio Spotlight


 Aradia Fitness

Owner: Chantelle Beasley


——Pole Journey—-
 “I was an Aradia student myself in Edmonton, and my dad owned some business space that had an empty second floor. For many years he pondered what we should do with the empty space, and I suggested “Open a pole studio!” He said why not – and the rest was history.”
—–Inspiration/Long Term Goals—- 
“My long term plans are to build another studio or two in the area. We are also working towards developing a charity within our community. The charity is called “A Radiant Goddess”. All proceeds from classes, memberships, and parties will go towards this charity! This charity works to support young middle-school girls who are struggling with self-confidence and body positivity.”
—-4 Studio locations—-
Whyte Avenue
 Sherwood Park
St. Albert
(All in the Edmonton,Alberta area) 
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Congratulations to Aradia Fitness for grabbing the spotlight this month!

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